C program List

  1. c program
  2. 1 hello word program in c
  3. 2 Addition of two numbers in C
  4. 3 C Program to Display Multiplication Table
  5. 4 Swapping of Two Numbers in C
  6. 5 print date in c
  7. 6 C program to calculate Percentage and Grade
  8. 7 C program to check whether a Number is Even or Odd
  9. 8 C program to check(determine) whether character is vowel or consonant
  10. 9 C program to convert temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius
  11. 10 C program to convert number in word
  12. 11 C program for Newton Raphson method with output
  13. 12 Fibonacci series program in C using recursion
  14. 13 C program to convert uppercase to lowercase and vice versa
  15. 14 C Program To find Whether a Number is Positive, Negative or Zero
  16. 15 C program to check triangle is valid or not if the sides are given
  17. 16 C program to check triangle is equilateral, isosceles or scalene
  18. 17 Factorial using recursion in C
  19. 18 Quadratic Equation program in C
  20. 19 Convert Uppercase to Lowercase in C
  21. 20 GCD of two numbers using function in c
  22. 21 C program to find prime number from given intervals
  23. 22 gcd of two numbers in c
  24. 23 Write a C program to find Strong number - StudyFame
  25. 24 Prime number program in C
  26. 25 palindrome program in C
  27. 26 C Program to Check for Armstrong Number
  28. 27 Perfect number in C
  29. 28 program for sum of digits in c
  30. 29 menu driven program in c for addition, subtraction, multiplication division

  31. C Array program
  32. 1 write a c program to concatenate two strings
  33. 2 c program to find length of characters in a string
  34. 3 c program to find maximum and minimum number in an array
  35. 4 C Program to Count total Number of Words in a text
  36. 5 C program to count Uppercase, Lowercase, Digit and Special character
  37. 6 Write C Program to Copy all elements of an array into Another array
  38. 7 C program to count all duplicate elements in the array
  39. 8 Program to Delete elements from an array in C
  40. 9 C Program To Merge Two Sorted Arrays Element
  41. 10 C Program to Count All Duplicate Elements in an Array
  42. 11 C Program to Print All Even and Odd numbers in an Array
  43. 12 C Program: Count the frequency of each element of an array
  44. 13 C Program to Sort the Array in Descending Order

  45. C Pointer program
  46. 1 Find Maximum and Minimum element in an array using Pointer in C
  47. 2 Concatenate two strings using pointer in C program
  48. 3 C program to find largest of three numbers using pointer
  49. 4 C program to concatenate two strings using pointer
  50. 5 Swapping of Two Numbers in C using Pointer

  51. CPU scheduling program
  52. 1 Banker algorithm program in C for deadlock avoidance
  53. 2 C program to implement LRU (Least Recently Used) | page replacement algorithm
  54. 3 C program to implements the FIFO page-replacement algorithm
  55. 4 FCFS(First Come First Serve) scheduling program in c
  56. 5 Shortest Job First (SJF) Scheduling algorithm Program in C | non-preemptive

  57. C structure program
  58. 1 C program to stores student information in structure and display it
  59. 2 C program to accept student information in structure and display it using pointer

  60. C file handling
  61. 1 C program to Write and Read text file