Reverse number program in C using for loop

Last updated:12th Aug 2022

In this example, you will write a c program to find the reverse of a number entered by the user by using for loop.

for example, if the user input is 123 then the reverse of 123 is 321.

#include <stdio.h>

int main() {

  int n, reverse = 0, remainder;

  printf("Enter an number: ");
  scanf("%d", &n);

  for( ; n!=0; n /= 10){
    remainder = n % 10;
    reverse = reverse * 10 + remainder;

  printf("Reversed of number is: %d", reverse);

  return 0;


Enter an number: 2468
Reversed of number is: 8642

explanation of a reverse number 

  1. Take a number from the user and store it in variable n.
  2. Iterate for loop from n to n!=0.
  3. Find the remainder of a number n%10 and add the remainder into the variable reversed .
  4. Divide n by 10 i.e n/=10. perform steps 2 to 5 until n becomes 0.