JavaScript programmatically create HTML button tag

Last updated:31st Aug 2022

In this article, we will learn how you can programmatically create an HTML button in javascript.

Step for creating HTML button in Javascript.

  1. To create a button in javascript use document.createElement("Button"). it will create a button tag.
  2. After creating a button, now create text for the button. for creating text use document.createTextNode("Click me"). it will create "Click me" text.
  3. Now add the text on a button. for adding text use innerHTML
  4. append the button inside the body tag. for that use appendChild() method

see the below code for understanding.

let btn = document.createElement("button");
btn.innerHTML = "Submit";

the above code will create following HTML button.


This is a simple HTML button, sometimes you need  a name and type in a button. You can easily add a name and type in the button.

see the below example for adding name, type, and id:

let btn = document.createElement("button");
btn.innerHTML = "Submit";"buttonID"

above code will create following HTML button.

<button id="buttonID" type="submit" name="formsubmit">Submit</button>


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <p> click on "create btn" for creating HTML button </p>
  <button onclick="create_b()">create btn</button>
	 function create_b() {
         let btn = document.createElement("button");
	 btn.innerHTML = "Submit";"buttonID";
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